TuRnInG BaCk tO my chiLdhoOd# why the hell I grew up???

When we used to be small , always that one thought was occupying our mind constantly. When will I grow up ? Most specific reason beyond that is we were deprived of certain not certain , most of the things which we wanted to do , but not given a chance saying that ” you are a child , act accordingly , you shouldn’t be doing that ” same old dialogues…this situation made our minds think that we will get to do whatever we want if we grow up big like them. So we were waiting anxiously to turn out big adult like them.

And also in that particular growing stage we were happy that ” yes I m growing , soon I will get all my own rights to do anything ” which made us ultimately happier.

Now we have grown up , crossed that too difficult stages of teenage , of course there were a lot of fun and now when we start understanding things with a lil bit matured way and also thinking that we are growing old as well as responsibilities are building up on our head … Now the question arises ” why the hell did I grow up? ”
Not only this brings that thought but also the way you feel towards your opposite sex , you never used to feel like that in your childhood , you were free and careless , but now longing to talk to a girl/boy or watching porn or doing all kinds of nasty things , once again remembers us “why we had to grow up ? Why I came to know about these things (  girls # love #sex # corrupted mind) ??? ” Even though those things gives us some kind of internal pleasure , at one point everyone gets that same thought ….

We would like to shout ” I wanna go back to my childhood ” yes that’s the feeling of most youths these days, I hope so !!

However its not possible to go back on any case , no other go , we are growing up , so Better instead of thinking about going back to past ( childhood) , let’s change our attitude and behaviour as that of a child who will be carefree , smiling , having silly fights , talking out whatever you feel , no jealousy , no egos , most of all enjoying life with their own thoughts !!!! HaPpY LiFe 🙂

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8 thoughts on “TuRnInG BaCk tO my chiLdhoOd# why the hell I grew up???

      1. yes I do at times. It was so carefree when i was a child. I used to go to our local swamp with the boy up the road and we would catch tadpoles. Both sets of parents thought we would get married to each other. We both went our different ways. We would only come home for dinner and our parents never had to worry about us. Not like todays young kids.

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      2. Of course I never used to spend it in front of Tv either…i would be out there with my friends cycling a small race when it rained or smelling the food my mom made coz I loved cooking and it still is the best memories I have with me

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