Who is she??

As Rays of bright morning sun fell on her , she  glitters more like a dull moon rather than a star, her face compassionate , she is not white or pale  but her skin is lovely , she kind of has brown tanned skin but shines like a shattered diamond in the rays of sun.

A perfect smile and a round dimple face.

As she moved in front of me as we were standing in a queue , I sneaked a look at her in every turn when she faced me.

Very powerful eyes , clean black eyeballs and a round cute nose.

She looked straight through my eyes once but I tried not to show anything , that feeling was enough for me , she smiled often, the end of her lips joining the dimple.

The work was over and I turned back to find her in the crowd , she walked straight through the road next to my home and she turned back to have one last look at me, may be that’s not for me ,but I wanted it to be so.

Its nice to watch and enjoy the beauty of a girl from a distance even though we dont want to disturb her in anyway, a happy feeling that makes our day.

Thanks to the girl and by the way I wanted to say you look perfectly beautiful.



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