Moments of Ultimate happiness

When you sit under a tree shade in the blazing sun that gives you peace for that moment.

When you are trekking among the deep woods in a dense forest that teaches what life could be more than your damn smartphone.

When you are at the Verge of exhaustion without water and the moment you sip the water when you find it gives immense pleasure.

Reading a book when you find it more interesting and you can’t stop reading.

Smiling for the lyrics in your favourite song when you are all alone and singing it louder.

Sneaking to check for someone when you forget the towel for bathing.

Fighting and rolling over the bed with your sister or brother.

Messing up with ice creams all over your nose and trying to lick them.

Thinking about your loved one under the blanket at midnight.

And finally your peppy soft bed which you might find gives sleep irrespective of the time , welcoming always with wide open arms.



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