Struggling hard

Hi guys , actually this post is all about the struggles I m going through.

First of all I dont know where I will end up with, I m kind of interested in everything temporarily.

Take for example , I wanted to be a guitarist when I was at the end of my schooling , so I went for class just two months , then got busy with the highschool. Engineering stuff being trampled on one ear  and the other ear in serious need of music. In the mean time , I forgot my dreams of guitarist , it lies in a corner of my room these days , I take it out on weekends only to clean it up.

And now seriously my heart thriving hard to become a writer and each day spontaneously brings out the interest within me for reading and writing.

I love the works of Stephanie Meyer , truly inspiring and this is where I stand now my highschool not yet over while me shifting my thoughts towards writing clear deviation from engineering.

I m really confused what am I doing in my life.

#Confusion prevails#



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