Horrible day

This day was much worse than I thought , nothing went right.

Morning classes started with more than enough scoldings from my professor, he just threaped me down.

And next three hours I was dealing that matter and I missed all other classes.

Then came my  mentor asking ” Where were you ? ”

Explanation went on for next one hour which made me skip my lunch.

” Oh god , it couldn’t get better ” i thought.

I was beat down again and again today. Really tired about the day.

The thing I learnt is I am not expressing certain things on time which when not informed on time intended for it , turns out to be serious problem , even if I was involved in important projects which is gonna help them.

Just dont know when things will be back in order. Fingers crossed.



2 thoughts on “Horrible day

  1. Actually when the first thing went wrong, we start thinking that today is a bad day. That’s the trigger to all things to go at fault. Next time when something goes wrong think it’s for something good. Then the day will remain perfect thru out. Try to see the positive side of any event.

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