We are the Stars of the sky

I was looking up at the sky , it was a no moon day , completely dark but stars were there.

Only then I noticed there were many stars which I couldn’t count , not all the stars over there was shining.

Some of them glowed bright while many of them remained dull and blurred.

I came out with a funny reason after a lot of thinking.

The stars which glow brighter or shining are the ones which are near to earth which means down to earth , we the people should be down to earth in the sense kind to everyone helping each other whenever you could grab a chance and hence we will shine brighter like those stars.


I heard the stars which are dull were of unreachable heights much far away from earth , it just signifies we the people when reach such heights of success in our life , the pride ,ego , greed destroys the soul inside , we merely shine searching better and bester for own needs , forgetting the path we came through.


We the people should be the same whatever change the life brings on us. Come and reach out for people.Be a shining star not a gloomy distant one.

And this is my theory of the Dull and Bright Stars.( Smiling)




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