Nature ( What more U can name it as !!! )

OmG !!! Is there anything which could look better than nature ? Or is there any smell which can replace the flavours of nature ? Is there anything else which could overcome the beauty of nature ?   I was walking in my streets , just this morning  and last night was a  heavy pour of rain.  Wow , I fell in love for the 113th time , yes I fall in love with nature every time as if I’m seeing them for the first time , again and again even worse the next next time I see them. I fall every single time I see the trees , every single time I see those red may flowers , the sky , the morning chirps of birds , the heavenly smell of earth after the rain , the light of hot sunny day , the breeze , each step I stomp on the earth , what more can I think of ?  Every time I witness these things , my lips would go to a wide U rather than a flat line , my eyes would sparkle the green of them , my heart would beat with passion for peace , my nose would try to suck the fullest smell of nature like a vacuum cleaner , making me so happy , fulfilled , and giving me a reason to live this life. This is so freaking awesome . I wanna kiss and hug the nature if it had any shape !!! Being thankful for a life as human on this heavenly earth.



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