She is my Bestie

             A day at my school
       It was the first day I saw her
       She was the girl from transfer
        She gave me a furious stare
            Which was a clean dare
               When I try to gather
            What makes her bother
       Suddenly she bursts in to tears
Making us wonder what were her fears
           And in a matter of seconds
            Her face turns so intense
     Burning off people with her stare
          If they ever gave her a glare

         I was busy writing my exam
    A pair of eyes swayed like a storm
                     And it was her
        The girl with the same stare
         She was sitting to my next
         Oh god give me some rest
            And When I try to focus
    A knock on bench breaks my senses
    ” Pencil ” she asks with a stiff voice
                   Same as her face
            When I give it a thought
     She snatches it away from my lot
             And I sat there blinking
        Whether I’m allowed to ask it
                       Back or not

                  As the days rolled
     One fine day I got a text from her
      As we talked and shared things
              That’s when I realised
               She had a heart with
                 few empty spaces
        That could be filled only with
                        Kind faces
      Her inner soul is much prettier
             She is loving , caring
         Benign and down to earth
            Which makes her glow
                Shine Beautifully

   And now her stare turns to a smile
     That you could watch for a while
        She goes to extreme at both
                   When she stares
              you are burnt to ashes
               And When she smiles
           you turn into her cupcakes
                 Which is irresistible
           You End up smiling at her
          And her tears uncontrollable
        Her eyelids a reservoir of tears
        That could burst at any second
                  When she decides

              I’m thankful to God
  For giving me such a good friend
       For making our paths cross
      Well its been four long years
                  Of friendship
              A day won’t move
            Without us fighting
           Without us gossiping
             Without us texting
             Without us sharing
The details of every day problems
                     If you guess   
          She is innocent , yes she is
               But she is not weak
      Watch out before you hurt her
         Because she likes revenges
                Her soul is vibrant
     With brimming fresh thoughts
        That demands self respect

         She is girl of stubbornness
      Self discipline and trustworthy
                  A perfectionist
    Oh what else , she is a sleepy head

     She is a true gift to her parents
             An angel from heaven
     What did I just say ? Strike it out
       She is some stupid from hell
That Sounds great , that’s how we roll
              That’s who we are
      We love annoying each other
             Nothing could define
                  Our friendship
         Because it is infinite love
                    That will last
             Forever and even after

               Love you lotz dear


2 thoughts on “She is my Bestie

  1. Wow that’s a long dedication to a friend. Lovely writing. Actually friendship between a girl and a guy has a thin line to cross to make it love. Most of them remain friends. But if they cross they make great couples.

    Liked by 1 person

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