Life shots

There was this huge tree that stood majestically among the other hundreds. It was a total lush of green with countless branches spread all around. The tree was a perfect sphere in shape , just like a green lollipop  with a brown stick.

The closer you look , the more you realise. The tree was surely a stand out in the forest , it was unique with some kind of spark that outshone others. So where does it come from ?

The path of its life had been difficult. Every single time it had to make a choice with the branch , where it has to start from ? where it has to end ? So that the same shape is maintained as it grows higher and higher.

We the humans have to make every tiny choice the same way , make sure your branch has a end  – the limits and the goals , where you wish to stand at the end of your choice.

Stick around the every time you let a branch grow out , these tiny decisions of your life gives you the whole shape of who you are at the end. Make sure you stand out shimmering proud with your growth , passion with your choice , shake and bend your branch when nature commands , let it flow like a leaf under gravity till you reach the goal.

And finally when you look down the heights , you realise the strength of your roots that holds down your entire pride , a constant reminder of where you started from and then now where you are , that’s where you belong to irrespective of whatever heights you have reached. Never forget your roots that reminds where you came from and the one which keeps you down to earth.


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