The Magic moment

The clouds were of different textures today , the white misty ones , the dense and distinctly dark ones. The curtains of clouds slid apart to present the painter’s stroke of seven wonderful colours as if on stage. It was cringing back , possibly too afraid of these war clouds. The curtains close again. And at the farthest end of these dangerously dark clouds , a flash of diamond streak showed off in an eye’s blink reaching for earth’s deep hidden treasures. Like a spotlight on a party. It was on mute mode , no background music of rolling rocks.

Now The storm took me over , dragging and pushing all the way along , I go with the flow , as it commands. Even my otherwise annoying bike obeyed the fury , swinging in an undefined X path, with a slow purr. I never watched the road I was riding , rather I was looking all around , I felt like I was in wonderland.

Slowly the clouds seemed to be closing in , bringing in the dusk and the saucy rain mood.
The very first tiny icy drop on my skin tickles me suddenly. The drops were really cold , colder than ever I could imagine like it was minus infinity straight from Greenland glaciers. Soon enough , I was cold drenched and a mess. And numb too. The freezing drops made me numb enough that I forgot to stop for a shelter. But when the face of my mom flashed across my mind , if I reached home looking like a drenched drab , she would be a statue with wide open jaws then to a furious monster , to a super advisor. So I pulled in lately aside by the shop.


I felt like I was trapped in a mystical world. The late afternoon ride in my bike today turned to be a mystical one. Nature does great things. Unimaginable.


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