When you drag an idea for so long
Thinking of perfection
You actually make the idea
To be lost in some corner of your brain
The soul of your creativity is lost
If you hang on to perfection for so long
Even when I write this
If I had decided to publish it later
Sometime after making it picture perfect
I would have lost the soul of entire creation
Something done now is better than
Which is never done
An idea which came to you gets bored
Of being with you and decides to fly away
When you were experimenting with perfection
And finally you publish something
Whose content was never your intention
So make things simpler and quicker
Sometimes its good to have mistakes
In your creativity rather than
The soul less perfect content


2 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. I can totally get it. Even I had given a year just so that my blog could be ‘perfect’. But then, when I gave it a second go without giving any thought about perfection, it came out to be better than perfect. Nice work!

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