Bad Boy

Unbreakable strings stitch my heart
Never breaks , Go play it hard
Build it with trust and faith
Sweat your drops of love
Paint you with colours of vow
Love me to the heaven
I’ll take you through hell
My eyes so benign
Smile so sweet
Muscles so rustic
Love me more
Stop you not

I’m a coin
On the other side
Bad vibes run as veins
My eyes so cruel
Smile so sly
Muscles too dangerous
Thoughts run wild
My love is for drabs
Thirst for lust
Takes me away
I remember you not
Till the pleasure melts

No pain needless to say
Just a few tears and a memory
Does my heart remember
None much
Afraid of ruining your future
I stop you here
Tears you shed is pure
But mine is poisonous
I can’t stay true at all times
For I have lost self control
Swifting mind
Of reckless activities
I warn you for the last time
Love me not
For I’m evil
Love me not
Coz my heart is unbreakable
But not yours.


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