You are everywhere
Shapeless yet selfless
When I find you in a bottle
You quench my thirst
When I find you flowing
With silver glowing
You become The River
When you fall from
Silver linings of sky
You become the Rain
Washing the stains of earth
When you move swiftly
With thousands of waves
You become The ocean
Feeding the aquatic
When I’m totally off
You are the one
Who gives me shower
Refreshing my mind and soul
Nothing could destroy you
You are the shape shifter
Even when I pour you down
You help the plants grow
You are the green of earth
Relentless and subtle
The essence of life on earth
You can freeze or flow
And we are what you decide to be
We can’t stand your fury
We adore you , we love you
Such a selfless shapeless creature
On earth bringing life and joy
On every tiny things
you touch as you flow.


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