Under the blanket

Oh it’s winter and I’m already inside my blanket , I can smell the morning caffeine that my mom is making. What it feels to be inside a blanket in your morning slumber ? It’s heaven for me.


Actually we are half awake yet doesn’t want to leave the bed and we just creep inside the blanket like a nutshell. I love doing that  and moreover it’s the best time to think about the things you love , let it be your childhood memories, may be the one you love , how far your life has changed and so on.


But the feeling that you get is unique when you are covered completely inside the blanket and you are talking to yourself. And the morning light is struggling to pass through your half transparent blanket while you are playing inside with your eyes wide open.


Whenever I’m doing that , there is a big grin on my face , unusual happiness , I feel like a child , no expectations no worries nothing. Ah , I’m loving it and I’m still inside my blanket enjoying the warmth. I just want to know am I the only one who likes this ? Let me know how you feel when you are inside your favourite blanket and it’s winter creeping outside. Comment below if you really love doing this.😉

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