Art of living

I got a chance to be alone for a week’s time. All on my own in a  small two room apartment. I thought it would get worse as time passed. But actually it wasn’t. The quietness of the home grew within me , it brought me peace. My mind was clear enough to focus on things I loved. I never got bored in these six days. I will sleep , go for a walk , cook my own food , wash the dishes , sweep the floor , read and learn ,clean my bed , go back to sleep. Even if we don’t have anything to do at all our life keeps us busy , do this , do that . It was a great time of self understanding. I fell in love with the loneliness. All the time I was alone , I could hear ,smell and feel the texture of every single thing. The leaking pipe , sound of my footsteps , creaking door , gust of wind , aroma of my tasty food , I could grab every tiny details . I was alone but happy , noone to command what to do , noone to shout at , I went with the flow of life holding on to my choices. Life is an art. Live it , you will never get bored.


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