The lost words

Deep within my heart

A voice shrilled

Hey there !!

Are you alive still ? 

I nodded skeptically

You have no words left

You are void of any new ideas

You are afraid of your voice 

And the Noise of your choice

The soul less writing part

Isn’t it true ? 

I nodded off

That ain’t true 

I’m strong enough to blurt out

I lack no words , no ideas 

I was just brewing up my thoughts

Squeezing up my creative soul

To Slay down the fear of lost words

I take a vow now

I’ll pen down my thoughts

Even if it’s lame and soul less

To keep the flow 

To cherish the love of words

To keep alive the scars of struggle

In the paradise of peace

Yes I’ll , I’ll strive hard 

 After all it’s just a life

Filled with surprise and heaps of hope.


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