Do This – Do that – Do them all – So what ?

I remember someone saying to me ” I m worth nothing because all these years I haven’t learned anything even though I was there in a number of different events and workshops “.They might sound like ” I really don’t know what I want to do with my life , I like this and I like that ,it keeps on changing and in the end I end up being everywhere left with very few skills in everyone of them , jeez and I’m turning twenty one this august” 

What I all feel like saying is ”  oh my poor boy , you are afraid of your own creative soul , you say you are confused with so many things that you are involved in right now and you feel your life drifting away without any goals , I say you have so many choices and you are a multitasker. You love doing this and certainly doing something else also , it’s totally fine boy , everything changes , desires -aspirations – goals , you are one among the gifted.

 Collect all the things which you loved or atleast which you were simply involved in. Do everyone of them , do it as a collective business. It’s perfectly alright to be engaged with different kind of activities at the same time unless it makes you sad. And stop worrying about your freaking age , you are just twenty one man ,it’s time to stumble and tousle up. Make mistakes , do them again and one last day everything will be fine. Remember you  are special , remember that ” You are Multitasker ” and after all this life is a fun filled cups of melting ice cream , lick every single drop of them even if it gets melted. All that matters is atlast you loved the taste of ice cream . You must smile now boy . Go brave and this life is ours.


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