It’s only you

You are my dream 

Noone gives me the pleasure you give

You are my soul 

Sometimes it’s very hard to breath without you by my side

You are my medicine

Your Eyes being the best among them 

That could heal anything

You are my smile 

Every time I cry it’s you who can 

Bring back the smile 

You are my doctor 

Noone could ever take out the pain so easily out of me

You illuminate me 

With your beautiful smile and soul

Noone could be as caring

 As you are to  me

We fight for an hour

Breaking our heads over

But the love that flows after the fight

Melts every inch of my cold blood

Spreading the joy through every cranny

And the poor fight fades

Leaving me with tears 

Wiping off my madness

And we both blame ourselves for the mistakes

And finally 

We smile like really crazy babies

I love the way you sacrifice your anger

Just for me

Nobody does it dear

I just wanna kiss you at the very moment 

Even when we are separated by miles

I could hear your heart crying my name

The love remains the same 

Noone does the way you talk to me

Every word you utter sounds special to me

Come and nestle in to my chest

Let every beat of your heart 

Echo against mine

Like the cadence of rain

With my chin resting on your silky curls

Noone could ever read my mind  like you do

Only you know the way to take 

Me out of my sickness 

Only you know the way to 

Make me feel comfortable

Everytime I’m down

Your words your voice 

Does a million wonders 

That push me everytime

To do great things

To be with you forever

I must be gifted

To entwine our hands 

It must be my biggest luck

And I’m sorry 

If I  had ever hurt you

You are the best thing 

That ever happened to me

Let’s dwell

In this world of ecstacy

Where we could dance merrily

With love and passion

Remember it’s only you and me.



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