With love

Lately today I was travelling in bus , the bus moved slowly among the sullen road with trees on either side forming a tent. My headphone boomed on my ears , I was literally melting by the magic voice  , the bold and lovely. I looked out at the twilight sky which was turning from melon pink to dark blue. 
This voice was making me mad , I was smiling all the time and shaking my body trying to dance then and now. Such a voice , such a music , such a hymn  , such words , one will surely dissolve in to the soul of the song easily . I’m addicted. Nothing can help me out. This voice could take me out of my sickness , whatever be the situation this voice , her songs could totally turn me powerful , happy once again. As the bus now moves through the clearing with trees forming an arc.And now the song goes like this , Are we out of the woods yet ? Are we out the woods yet ? 

Emerging through the sinking dark road between the woods , I enjoy every bit of her voice , such a delicacy. Yes I was talking about TS , she is like magic to me, thanks for her songs , her words , everytime I hear her songs I get lost in it and I’m like oh my god!!! Wish I could meet and give her a tight hug. 

With love 

To TS.


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