Guess my lastname

There is no tears

In my eyes

There is no sorrow 

In my face 

There is no soul

As a whole

Everytime when I step forward

Im beaten up 

Again and again

To the ground

Crushed and stomped

Surrounded by failures

Now and then

Forever trapped 

The more strong I become

The more deep I’m kissed 

By failure 

Embraced by the sinous gust 

Of failure

Making me lose hope 

Making me stumble 

At the very first step 

to begin my beggining

Atleast I’m favoured by failure

When not by luck

Life seems to be dark

Its not fair 

For the ones who work hard 

Really hard 

There is no reason

For me to be strong again

I’m fed up 

Failure has become my lifestyle

After all there is no hope

To hold on

If there is any shape 

To the word failure

It’s me

Yes it’s me

Let me handle this word failure

I’m gonna make it hate me 

 Let it be with me

Until it gets tired 

And runs away

Until then 

Its me with the last name failure.
Dedicated to my friend : Please stay strong. Life has to move on.


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