For the love of family

The old old tree 

Branches stronger than ever

Defender of fury 

Roots of trust 

Trunk of hope

Leaves of merry

Waving majestic

Down We go for I love someone 

Said a young green leaf

Never back in the family again

No place to fill your place

Down is death 

Cried a brown old leaf

Chained and clasped 

Waving for entire life

As One among the green

Now it’s time to fly

If death is the price

As I take my first step out

Let it be

Let me float , fly and fall

To catch my girl’s hand

The young voice moaned

Detaching itself 

With a gust of wind 

Anguish in nerves

Floating in air

Came the vision

Of missing old brown leaf

Twist , turn and a tilt

Lie there a brown leaf

Stomped on ground

As he descend

Wisps of soul

Embraced the air

Game of gravity began

Allured by earth

Landed safe

Young and green

But soul less

And then


For the love of family

Proved to be the best

Than his love for her.

°~~poem by Sid~~°


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