Climate and us

We all are greatly influenced by the climate. Yes , I hope so. Today it’s completely an off day for me , not literally. As I woke up to no sun morning , the sky remained gray and dark . It was terribly cold outside. The sky was ready for a downpour anytime but still it didn’t make a choice. It awaited for the whole long day till evening to make a choice it seems. And it finally rained in the evening. Not a heavy one though , it was good enough to turn my mind positive.

All the time it wasn’t raining , the dark Gray clouds making the day gloomy with cold bites. Oh god , this climate just swings my mind. Making me numb and certainly I couldn’t do anything else than sleeping in the nest of my blanket.

I  tried studying for sometime but my mood swings landed me up on girls , the lust part.

And as I control my inner self , it takes me back to my childhood memories. As a whole I couldn’t do what I was actually trying to do ( To focus on studying ) .

The climate which prevails just before the rain  really makes us go crazy or is that only me ? Whatever . It’s cold saucy raspy climate which I’m caught up in with clumsy clueless swinging thoughts.


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