Whohoo – Writers – The Undefeatables

 We are the warriors , words are our swords and shields , we create history , the ones that could change the fate of the world , the power of independence , the freedom of creative living , either we lift or drift , the magic of words makes people believe in us , believe in our creativity. We tie them up with chain of words but there is no pain , the more we tighten them up , the more is the pleasure , the happiness that beams up in their eyes when they chew every word of our creation. It’s not always about happiness though , We can addict them in the form of feeding knowledge , one way or the other , we hypnotise  people’s minds ( I hope so 🙄 ). As a whole there is much happiness in being what we are , the people who fight inside their head to bring forth the best form of creation to pen down every thoughts , We Rule the world , Trust me , We are the Saviours and yes We are the Writers. Yeah !!!  We are the happy souls of creative living. Feel proud to be one . 

“Trust the power of words , feel the magic , write and write more , write endlessly. ” 

Happy Christmas to all my blog mates . Let us begin the new chapters of our life with this Christmas. ‘Spread Love’ .


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