Thanking the year 2016

 As the wonderful year of 2016 comes to a screeching end , I would like to thank this year for all the up’s and down’s it had taken me through and finally it had mended me in to who I’m now , I’m sure that I’m not the same as when this year started. 

This year had shown me the real me , where do I stand and what do I deserve , perhaps it had shown me what should I accomplish to make myself happy , the joy of artistic living. It was sure a roller coaster ride though finally I could find my identity. Thanks for the ride dear 2016.

A lot of learning happened making me understand what does life really mean.

  1. Not all the person stand by your side at all times.
  2. Do what you love and don’t care about what people will think. Because they don’t care either.
  3. Carry the positive vibes with you.
  4. Love your family because you will finally end up there whatever shit happens.
  5. You surely gonna need some friends who can make you happy at odd times. Find those who really care for you.
  6. Trust your instincts especially when it comes to your passion.
  7. Keep working hard for what you really want from your life and don’t give up whatever happens. Criticise,grow and glow.
  8.  And finally pen down your thoughts ( it’s exclusively for writers ). As writing embraces my soul and keeps me Alive with brimming thoughts , I should write and write more to survive. Smiling.😊😊

Let us welcome the new year with a promise to hold on to the power within us , the change we can make if we believe the strength within us and most importantly the ability to make people around us happy.

Life is what you paint. Its you and only you. It’s up to you to decide either to make it a black and white pencil sketch  or a colourful art of water colours.

Happy new Year 2017 to all my fellow blog mates and thanks to WordPress for bringing us together. Much thanks to everyone who stood by my side and also those who stood against me for you made me what I’m today. 

Spread love. Bye bye 2016.


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