The grumpy poem 

Kiss me on my cheeks

I won’t retreat

Spring back your hair

Cuddling the air

Love the way it curl

Making me whirl

Curls of your hair ripples

Like the waves in a supple

Just move , move and move

All around me like a

Goof , goof and goof

Pull your arrow stare

Making My heart throb like a hare

Brush your nose on mine

Our eyes will entwine

Lick and make me shy

Never let it dry

Until i lift you high

Then my smile turns so sly

And I act too naive

Brims with wild love notes

Your petite lips crooks 

In prejudice

And you hit me hard 

Wiping off my plans

Then you smile too grumpy

Until i fall again for your chubby

Cheeks and dainty dimples.


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