The one

​A friend of mine , a very close friend of mine lost his beloved mom few days back in a very rare sort of accident. It was damn unexpected. A complete door closer of his young life.The fifth minute after he kept the phone speaking to her , she was done. She was no more. That was really pathetic. She was not even sick , she was fit and fine. What advice could you really give to him ? Bringing him back to normal became a tedious task. It’s not something which one could forget easily and act normal especially a boy for whom his mom means everything.

The love between a mom and son is always unique. They are a special kind of friends.

As we grow it’s important to make some things clear, I would like to call them the Compelling sad Life facts.

A single day can change your life upside down. The pain of unexpected loss will leave you stranded scrambling  the brambles. The time ticks away leaving you guess less what’s happening. The one that brought you up for twenty long years , the one who knows how your body reacts to different kinds of food , the one who applies oil to your hair , the one who bath you when you were tiny , the one who fed you her own blood  to poise you with power , the one who cares carelessly forever , the one who bears a smile in all the screaming thunders , the one and one. The person behind your birth , the mom. The biggest curse one can get is see your mom fall and die in front of your own eyes. And it’s worse if you lose them up in a fraction of seconds who was completely in good health , no sign of fading. It storms out the family like a blizzard in summer.When a father dies it’s a fall of the empire but when a mom dies it’s a fall of the family, the fall of love itself. 

The blood that rushes our body screams for mom the source of its origin. Nothing could replace her place which would remain empty for the entire lifetime once she steps down. 

This life teaches us certain things too quickly in a blink. Nothing is yours  , nothing is permanent. All the tangibles are created to be desiccated and only the intangibles lasts forever , the love you shared , the memories you had , the kiss of your mom on cheeks , they will live forever sweetening your heart.

Learn to live simple yet happy. Admire the people around us when you have the chance. She was a lifetime homemaker with love as the only ingredient.

You left us so soon. Now we are struggling to find the path to reach out for light , to get some sunshine , to get some shade. Eyes are dry as dead. We thrive to be stronger. Be a shadow even in dark and count on the life with us. Thanks for the limitless love that you had always served us with. I’ll never come out of this tragic loss but I won’t hold on to this forever too. Life moves on whatever happens. Bless and be with us.


10 thoughts on “The one

  1. Hello dreamchasers! (Great gravatar name, by the way) I thought I’d left a comment earlier when you first posted this, but I don’t see it here on your post, so I wanted to share my thoughts again. I lost my oldest son about 2 years ago now to a very sudden illness; it was a shock. I think it’s an awful thing for a mom to lose her son, or for a son to lose his mom. There was a very special connection that I knew we always had, but it became even more significant after he died, since I would never see him again. I really like the way you captured that feeling from the son’s point of view in this post. I had not had a chance to think about it that way, and you helped me. Thank you! 🙂

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    1. Yes it’s really heartbreaking to loose our loved ones in just a matter of secs. Hope everything will get well soon holding on to the beautiful memories of them. thanks for sharing your views. I can understand what pain you would have undergone after such an incident. Stay strong always. Thanks for your concern.

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      1. Thank you for your kind note, dreamchasers. I did find myself emotional again as I was writing my comment, and you helped me to connect again with my love for my son, even though he is gone. Thank you.

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