Commited ? A joke

Guys why do you crave to be committed? I don’t understand the logic behind. And I don’t trust the magic behind too. I have a bunch of friends. They are girls and we are friends. Good friends.We maintain a healthy relationship.

I could share anything and everything with them. Let it be Sorrow or happiness. I even flirt with them sometimes. But i never had crossed the limits. Life is good this way. You never get to depend on anyone. On a single hectic person. Everyone’s mind is clumsy it keeps changing.

Fine , your life sucks and you terribly want a partner to share your sorrow and weep with you or a shoulder to lean on when it’s dark.But one day or the other you would have to stand up on your own , nobody would hold your hands. If you are stuck up and you need some help , ask your friends your good guys , they would rather do whatever they could – a little help it might be and the rest is you. You depend on yourself for the outcomes you desire to make. That makes us strong. Strong enough to stand in the sailing storm.

Don’t go too fast is all I say. Don’t rush to get committed. Slow down a little. Get to know different faces -different people nurture their culture if you found it nice , befriend them , talk , share ; some might find it annoying let it be , shout in their ear , some would cling to you hopefully , If you are bored flirt with them  but remember to respect their feelings and emotions.

 At some point you would lose them; Be prepared for that too because everyone has their own life to look upon. Meet new people and have a light very light as a feather relation. Never hold on to one which might endanger both of them. Have a backup of friends. And finally it’s certainly you who would hang with your soul until you expire. Don’t get committed too fast which might bring your life to a screeching halt. Run , swing your wings , smile and don’t hold on to a single person. You must move on fast. Go move on.


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