Do or please read this ( I’m not ordering just saying )

Hello dear blog mates ??? Are you all alive??? Alive really ???

What happened to you all ?

I don’t see any of you react to my posts. What’s wrong ?? If I’m making so lame posts , then atleast let me know.

 Comment your opinion if you find it annoying. If you just look at my post and swipe it away simply , it gives me an illusion that nobody is ever alive here.Tell me how dumb is my post. I will happily accept them. But if you don’t respond or even react it feels bad you know. 

I have 96 plus followers and still feel lonely here. What’s happening to you all ? And what’s happening to me ?

 I thought blogging was to share things , share our views and come to a peaceful conclusion if someone contradicts our views. Blogging is to know new faces and learn especially if you are so quiet by nature. 

Okay to all my followers who are almost in coma for me ( no offence ) , please please I beg you to respond for this post atleast !!!!

Say ” Hi” to me so that I can grasp the good souls. Its simple task. Just type ” Hi” in comment. I don’t think I’ll eat you for that.Dont be afraid.

Think about not getting respond to this post also. Oh god I’m gonna die. Im not threatening you. Haha take it easy. So please do something with this post and help me come out of my mentality that you are all dead or you have turned to a statue.


25 thoughts on “Do or please read this ( I’m not ordering just saying )

    1. Yes totally…my last few posts were like dancing there in front of a huge crowd and noone was interested even to rise up their chin and look at the dance, clapping comes later…i don’t know why it happens…this sudden fall

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  1. Hii bro.. I’m mihir and I am here to tell you that some readers will always be there looking for a fellow passionate reader and writer ..just keep writing from your heart as I believe and stay connected .. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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  2. Hi dreamchasers, I was reading your post and I was concerned that you might stop writing. Just keep on writing about what you care about, what interests you, and what makes you want to write. Don’t worry about the “likes” or comments (or lack of comments) because you are still expressing what you are to the world in this blog. Using, people will always find your blog, and you are already a good part of this community! Chasing that dream!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I’ll never stop writing. Writing is like my breath. Im sure about it. I just thought responses were fading down. Thanks for your advice. I’ll never put down my pen just because noone reacts. Writing makes me happy that’s what it’s all about. Much much thanks for your support again.


  3. Don’t mistaken absent comments from worthless blog posts. Many people follow so many sites it becomes difficult to comment on them all. Write from the heart and share messages YOU consider worth sharing. Judge your own writing and the message you share. If you are happy and satisfied with your “creations” keep doing it. When it touches others enough, you will hear from them.
    I wish you well on your journey!

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    1. Thank you so much for your concern. I always write from the heart and then throw it to the stage for performance. And now I don’t care about who really liked my performance. I have grown up I hope. As you said we should judge our own writing. And I completely agree that it’s really difficult to notice every post and comment on them as our blog is expanding rapidly. Well , thanks again. You too Have a happy journey ๐Ÿ™‚

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