The selfless humanity

​Guess you were the biggest thing ever alive on earth
Guess you were the biggest life
supporter On earth
You never wanted to fall
You never wanted to embrace the earth
You stood strong very strong indeed
To never let the mankind fall
Your massive cluster of roots 
Shows your greatest dynasty you ruled
With kindness , love and unity.

Not even in your dreams 
You would have guessed
You would be made to fall
By your own little kids 
Whom you fed the intangible spinach
Just to make them breathe
Just – to make them breathe
As they say it’s just a breathe
You nurture them everyday
With your benign breeze
Fools are they to forget that
You gave them this life 
And they could thrive
Only until your kind were alive

How would they know who you are ?
You have crossed centuries
For they are just
A mere survivor of some decades
Your life is a sacrifice
A word ahead of humanity
To see you dead kissing the ground
This Would be the worst memory I would take with me to my coffin

Somewhere in heaven
Your soul would whisper
I was cursed by my callous neighbour
The very road i stood guarding with my shade
He wanted to extend his empire wide across my hut
Stupid road he killed me

You would still trust your child
Little humankind 
You would never get sick of serving them
Even after your nerves are cut
Your trunks are made to chunks
Branches made to twigs
You would go sit with them
Guard them with your dead chagrin
In their so called wood house
You would keep them warm
You would call yourself a lounge
To let your kids rest embracing your soul

I’m surprised
Will you ever stop sticking
To those reckless idiots?
Well I’m one of them
We kill you to comfort ourselves
Such a selfless creature are we
Why do you care ?
We Would never stop hurting you
Unless you decide to pull off our oxygen masks
Why do you still want us ?
We are the biggest enemies to your kind.

Your majestic sight used to make my day 
Everyday as I crossed this road
Watching your beauty
Listening to your rustles
Now you lie uprooted 
Staring at me still
Where do I go to see you again ?
Where do I get your shadow again?

You gave me the peaceful memories 
That I would cherish until I perished
I just want to give you a hug
And Smell your soul
For one last time
For your unconditional love
Your gratitude 
Your life helped us live 
Refreshed our minds 
Kept us alive with brimming thoughts 
To kill you one day
Saints are we you would say.

Stuck up by tears
I end it here
Long live us
As you bless.


9 thoughts on “The selfless humanity

  1. “I was cursed by my callous neighbour/The very road i stood guarding with my shade/He wanted to extend his empire wide across my hut” – I love these lines! And paired with the image of the fallen tree … powerful. I actually thought it might be a person speaking when I read the lines above, and that duality (person/tree) is a nice aspect of this poem. Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

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