Love – Brush up

Hello !!! How you all doing out there ? First of all , lovely morning to everyone. Since it’s valentine’s day today , I would like to take a little survey of things about your love life. Not love life actually. 

So answer these simple questions if you are connected to this in anyway.

1) What kind of dress do you prefer for your girl/boy to wear or what do you think suits them best ?

2) Do you remember where you met your partner for the first time ? Brief it.

3) Which is your favourite meeting place when you want to spend time with them ?

4) And for happily married couples , What is the best memory of your partner that you often think about ?

5) Do you prefer a countryside life or urban life with your partner ?

That’s it for now !!! Cool. Answer them if you would like to share something. 

Happy valentine’s day❤


6 thoughts on “Love – Brush up

  1. Well; 1) jeans,vest, bow tie (2) highschool (3) when he plans a movie night on the patio with wine and popcorn (4)when he asked, “how many minutes do I cook it?” — it was a pop tart and he tried to microwave it😄 he’s normally on point so it was endearing to see him do this (5)I prefer the country but within driving distance to the city for cultural exhibits… Great post – 😄😄

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  2. Mmmm …. 1) I like him in his shirts and tshirts. But he looks handsome in office clothes. 2) Temple – we met for the first time in a temple, this was our ritual of seeing the girl and approving for marriage. Yeah ours was an arranged marriage. Still I go to the temple whenever I visit chennai. It brings back fond memories and to say a thankyou to god for sending him in my life. 3) Anywhere but next to me. 4) Fond memories are when we got engaged and I told him about my ex and he didn’t mind. That was the time we both started to trust each other and yes love each other more. 5) Think as of now we definitely prefer urban. But maybe when old might want to retire in a calm place. Hope I did my best to answer. Thanks for this post it brought back lot of memories.

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