After long long days 

Of eye meet’s , sneak peeks 

Secret smiles , unsung poems

Unspoken words of desires

She trotted off to him with courage

To unleash the love dragon

Who was French by birth

He worked as the airport officer

At the Indian airport

Everytime she waited on the lounge

Everytime she went for boarding

Everytime she arrived to india

Their souls exchanged a secret welcome

With dangling heart beats

As she approached 

His nerves tightened 

On his cosy sofa at work break

Fondling her French braid

She uttered 

 “je t’aime, veux-tu m’épouser ? ”

He stood up blinking

Everyone else in the room turned back

With the words 

Except him 

“I love you , will you marry me ? ”

A girl on the queue rolled her eyes

At him briefing a smile

His hands were wet by now

Shaking in happiness

He nodded at her an yes

Embraced her to a hug

He stumbled to utter something

The girl raised a paper bit, say ” je t’aime Aussi ” 

“Je t’aime aussi” he hissed on her ears

Her hold tightened on his back with tears on her face

He threw a flying kiss 

To the girl on the queue

“I’m forever grateful for your timely translation , thanks a ton , love you dear translator !!!! ”

He shouted

The girl raised her thumbs up

Before they began to float in their smooches.


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