The girl from ball #retold

Young , charming and beautiful
She Played the game kindly
Amidst the cruel step mom
And bullying step sisters

Naive but compassionate
Beautiful yet humble
Struggled to make them happy
Who envied her beauty

One fine day
News made its way
Inviting young girls of the kingdom
To the royal ball at palace

Happy and inquisitive
She dreamed of the day
Dancing on the arms of mop stick
The day arrived
Loaded with chores
She spun in plates and clothes.

Her sidekicks
Mub and grub, the dogs
Garnished her mom’s gown
With beads and ribbons
Of the sisters junks
Turning it fabulous
She levitated in joy

Dressed like dessert
In her mother’s cream gown
She trotted with pride
Until The girls of her home
Tore them wide
Locked her up in a room
Tears rinsed her face
As all her dreams
Shattered to a clueless phase

Blessed by a fairy
She glowed like a moon
Dim yet romantic
She broke the lock
With a vow
To return back
Before the clock struck twelve

“You shall disappear to darkness
If you don’t make it on time”
Said the fairy

Innocent as a lost fawn’s
Her mermaid eyes loitered
The prince found her
Unmasked among the furnished faces
Strikingly simple with a garland on her neck.
Her charisma pulled the prince
Making him cling like a magnet to her
They danced lost in their eye’s stare
All over the palace
Her sisters raged in fury
Seeing them together.

Time struck twelve
Before their gaze fell apart
Wisps of smoke
Slinked from his hold
Leaving behind bits of wrinkled paper

“Find me in darkness” , one of the paper said
Prince went hunting for her
All through the kingdom

Her fam staged a drama
Without any karma
To hide her connection
With them and to
Chop her desires
But the dogs played their game
Mub and grub scampered
With her photo to the prince

The fam poured out the truths in bottle
And closed with an unopenable lid
Of mystery ,
She was missing from last night
Confused and stranded
He stood there still
Trying to solve the riddle of darkness

She woke up to a silhouette of black
Dark as Oblivion
She cherished the moments
Of pleasure with the prince
Smile and then tears
When she realised the trap
That fairy warned of
She cringed in fear
Now she could never get back to the prince.

Tears brought back the fairy
“Only the spell of true love
Can break this lock”, she uttered

Wistfully her thoughts raced
To make the prince find her
That’s when she reminisced the beautiful carving her heart 
Shared with the pups , the magical bond.

Dogs could read her mind
When she mumbled
Under the glow of yellow moon
Void of vision and sound
She ranted the message
All the time
Hoping it would be night,
It would be moon.

Startled by the barks of her dog
She stood up happily
Moving her hands blindly in air
She groped the tiny windows
And someone opened it from outside

Trace of moon light fell on her face
Making her squint suddenly
The prince stood smiling at her
Her cheeks bloomed pink
He flashed the bit of her other note
That said “Will you marry me ?”
Then he turned the paper
“How about the seashore wedding ? ”
Prince’s words in bold
Her eyes popped up in glee
Running his hands across the bar
He brought her face closer
And rested his lips
On her forehead
I love you dear , he hissed
The doors of dark room opened
Swallowing the spell
That turned to a beautiful cottage
They stood in the middle of the woods.

She ran to warm him with a hug
And the dogs danced all around them
As she curled up in his arms
Her eyes met the dogs
Melting in their kindness.

Tears of joy dripped down
Welcoming the fairy
Who moved her magic wand
With a spell for a gift of
Sparkling shoes 
“Let this shoes of glass 
Hold her tight
Sprinkle her life
With happiness , strength and health
For the rest of her life
With the true love she had found”
The fairy blessed fading away.

Hands entwined
Her eyes sparkled
The same as the diamonds
On her crown
She breathed a sigh
As the prince made
His wedding vow
In front of the majestic waves
That danced in all blue.

And the kind girl
Lived happily ever after
Nurturing the kingdom
With her wisdom
Who was known as Princess Cinderella.

Happy to work for the Cinderella- collaboration project,the above poem is my little contribution.

Thanks to Anne J and Theresa barker for organising this. Happy working for such a creative idea. classic -folk-tale-retold/


15 thoughts on “The girl from ball #retold

  1. Hi! We are asking the submitters for our Cinderella challenge to provide an email address for exchanging files, etc., in preparation for the next step of the project. At your convenience, would you send your preferred email address to “theresa.barker at”? We will be in touch in a few days with more information on the project. Thanks! – Theresa and Anne J.

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  2. Cinderella retold is like Cinderella remix… Loved reading it…. I read it, closed my eyes and envisioned it.. Damn! That was beautiful… You didn’t actually write a poem…. Dude you “wrote” a picture…. And that makes it special

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