5f33880ca35ac9a2ba57682f96b3f48aI couldn’t handle myself anymore

My feet was on fire

When I landed on her town for the first time

Ever after she shifted from mine

A mystic wave of grief embraced my soul

An obscurity

The air smelled of her soap

A long lost memory 

The smell that I carried home

Everytime we were together

Jostling shoulders

Now the smell shook me 

With a rush of fervour

To hold her hand again

To adjust her loose strand of hair 

Above her ear

Her face appears in wisps of summer heat

She flashing my favourite smile

I stand still staring at the sky

At the thought

That i was breathing the air 

Of her native, the air that had accumulated all her beauty 

For these many days

Spreading the smell of peace and

Happiness to the entire town

It Cracked my woe to a smile

The kind of special smile

That flashed only on her remembrance 

My heart boomed with Deadbeats

As i started to walk

On a narrow street with tattered shops

Neither the fear of unknown town 

Nor the address of her residence

Seemed to sag my serenity

As I was packed with energy of bees

To meet her somehow

After the wait of four long years.



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