The Night’s world

The tall old trees growl their grudges
The shrubs hiss their secrets
The creeps are still like a dead snake
The teen trees dance under the Starlights
The saplings are sleeping 
The trees at my backyard
Are Painting my wall 
With their shadows of Leaves
And I play in their aisle
The night’s world is interesting
The plants do not sleep
They let out their grief
In their own way
Spraying over the swaying winds
Which we hear as 
Rustles and nuzzles
On the magical earth at Night
The frogs keep them awake
With their buzzing noises
The night’s world is beautiful
The trees organise their 
War peacefully
No courts , no punishment
Silence is their strength
Stillness is their sovereignty
They disturb none
In fact the humans 
Hear their defence
As music of nature
Politeness is their purity
Of the air we breathe
Trees are happy 
At night 
Undisturbed by humans
They pretend nothing
Moving gracefully
Under the nature’s 
Fire torches from the sky.


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