The ice rain

I froze the moment when a sudden thunder rolled on as i travelled in bus. The clouds formed the curtains , the magical yellow suddenly diminished to grim gray. The entire ambience started to sink in the sulking mood.

A mystic wave of air spell its cast sprinkling the earthy smell on entirety. With an eyes blink, the rock and roll on the roof of bus raised steeply. It was difficult to guess what was happening , untill i looked through the window to realise the pretty big ice stones falling from sky. 

The thuds and claps as they fell down was not so good to hear , it was frightening at first. But when i was able to recognise the beauty within , i adored the creation. Some fall , stay and melt.Some fall and shatter to numerous pieces. While some fall and stay still , the big ones. Pretty soon , the windows of our bus were closed as i reached to kiss them with my hands. And the dew drops started to settle on the glass blurring my vision to ice rain.

Soon enough the cold bites began to build and we were freezing inside the bus. It almost got dark when it was only 5 PM. I witnessed the ice rain for the first time in my lifetime and sure it raised my heartbeats in excitement. Nature inspires me everyday with its everlasting magical creations.

If you ever come across a bad day , get closer to the nature , admire their beauty , get lost in their show , come back loving yourself more than ever and you will understand nature stands by you even when everyone is against you. Nature makes you happy when everyone fails to do so. Trust the power of nature. 🙂


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