Dear mom



You never failed to

Hide behind your smile

A thousand sacrifices 

A thousand thoughts

A thousand prayers

A thousand tactics 

To mend the family

Peacefully with showers

Of flowers , light and dreamy

Your stains of love always 

Sticks to us like the grease 

In a workshop even when​ 

we never ask for

Through sickness and pain

You crave to be with us 

But never bothered to 

Show up in our success story, 

You made yourself a better chef

Just for the love of family 

Even when you had million

Other dreams , million other skills

I know you much better mom

You are not only a great cook 

But I see the creativity 

of your artistic soul in your cooking 

When you make different dishes 

Of many forms and flavours 

I see your talent when you 

Become a tailor to stitch blouses

I see the brilliance of your mind

When you help me solve a problem

I see the kindness in your soul 

When your mood turns off over 

Some unknown deaths in newspaper

I see your vibrance 

When you water the plants in garden

I see your passion 

When you spend your leisure time 

Reading only story books , Who knows 

You would have even become a great writer

When you had 

chosen your passion over family

In all those traits of yours 

You never cared to look at 

what you have Become

You are growing old mom

But you are not realising the 

Importance of your existence

We need you forever 

We need you to realise your dreams too

We need you to be careless , irresponsible , crafty and crazy too

Give life to your desires

We or at least me as your beloved son

I wish to see you working , playing , doing things you love 

Without any nagging thoughts of family

I love you mom 

There is no me without you

I want you to smile happily at all times

And I wish you a very happy mother's day.



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